Friday, July 21, 2017

Bluebell Fae -Paint Party Friday

I love bluebells in Spring.  This year they came too early and the frost got to them.  However, they did spring back into life a little later, though a bit less blue than normal.

Here is my little bluebell fae.  She visited us twice this year! 

Have a lovely weekend, dear friends.  Happy Paint Party Friday!


Faye said...

Beth, you've done a beautiful job on your bluebell. I love the delicate flowers surrounding that gorgeous girl.

It is so very dry here in central VA and big cracks are showing in my shrubbery bed. My house is OK at 78° b/c the downstairs AC is working very hard. Tuesday the AC mechanics are supposed to come and replace my 2 year 10 month old compressor for the upstairs unit that "broke" (whatever that means). I had to replace inside air handlers and outside heat pumps upstairs and down when my Alan had been gone only a few months. Learning to handle all the house repairs by myself has been very educational and challenging at times.

Hope you have a great week.

Jean said...

Wow - so cool!

Giggles said...

Beautiful work Beth!!

Hugs Giggles

DVArtist said...

She is really beautiful. I love her stance.

Mandy said...

S very you actually make colouring books? Love your work....visiting from ppf, number 12...xx