Friday, November 6, 2015

Old Man Winter -Paint Party Friday

Here he is, Old Man Winter. I saw him smiling down at the bare limbs of the trees in November of 2009. You have to look closely to see him. Winter is quite illusive at times--like today when it seems so balmy, except for the leafless trees, one might think it were September.
Above you view him as I first saw him in the clouds. As you can see, I didn't have to enhance Old Man Winter very much at all..
Old Man Winter
He has a real long beard that's white as snow
He has icicle fingers and popsicle toes
He has chestnuts roasting on an open fire
He has you scootin' down the hill on a worn out tire
He has sleigh bells ringing out into the night
He has everybody feeling alright
When Old Man Winter comes to town
He has the whole world sleeping beneath a blanket of white
He has everything shining on a full moon night
He has kids of all ages, clowning around,
Building snow forts and knocking them down
He has frost on the windows, Ice on the stairs
Smoke from the chimney and pine in the air
When Old Man Winter comes to town

Happy Paint Party Friday, all you wonderful artists and beautiful people.  God bless you, dear ones--have a lovely weekend and thank you for dropping by.  


Sunny said...

Oh this is one of my favorites! He quite handsome peeking down on us.
Sunny :)

JamaGenie said...

Great photos! Lucky you! We haven't been blessed with so much as a friendly "nod" from Old Man Winter this week, let alone a *smile*. Flat gray skies with occasional showers, and an hour of snow Monday morning. (Snow! Noooooooooo!!)

Lois said...

We only catch glimpses of him around here every once in awhile. These are beautiful pictures!

Woman in a Window said...

Let him come.
Bring it on big puffy cheeked blow.

~Cheryl said...

He's a handsome gent, but boy howdy! He sure puts the chill in my bones. Beautiful artwork!

Jeni said...

Love your photos -especially the clouds -and yes, I sure as heck can see Old Man Winter breathing here and, most days now I can even feel him breathing lightly on my neck! Just hope he keeps the latter breathing there very light for a good long while though.

Looking to the Stars said...

I love it :)

I've always wondered where the saying "old Man Winter" came from. Maybe I'll google it :)

Finished the old 1800 book I was reading. It didn't say anymore about mermaids. Bummer :(

take care, kiddo

Clytie said...

Sigh. Not looking forward to "old man winter" visiting this year. Even though he is a cute old gent!

Nina said...

Oh my what a find!! He was peeking out to check on things and you captured him so vividly. I Love the whimsy of your Old Man Winter poem. So festive and fun. It puts a "warmer" perspective on the season. Blessings to you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving. Love and Light, Nina P