Monday, August 3, 2015

Gardener at Heart

I am proud and honored to announce that my incredibly talented Sister-in-Law Jane (lil' Sis) has published a collection of poetry, Gardener At Heart!  

Her insights resonate with beauty, mystery, fun and something beautiful I can't even put into words.

You can order this remarkable volume of poems in paperback, or e-book format on Amazon: A Gardener at Heart .  

You can find more information about this enchanting book, as well as a donation page and contact information, at Jane's website:  The Flying Crow Press!  Isn't that a cool name?  I love the cover of her blog--Both the website and the book cover were designed by her son, a young man with exceptional talent.

I am SO proud of my Lil' Sis.  I adore Jane's poetry, which reflects the beauty of her heart.  Even if you are not a gardener, I believe you will enjoy this book of lovely words.  

I'm one of the blessed ones! I have a SIGNED copy!!!! 

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