Saturday, August 2, 2014

Under the Sea

Here is a look at a painting I was commissioned to do recently.  Her hair turned out better than I thought it would, and I was totally surprised at how nice the rock work looked!

This little mermaid was fun to do--I used watercolors for most of this painting.  For her skin, though--I did something a little different. I used a bit of coffee and cream--from my coffee cup--and added a tiny dab of crimson.  The skin tone turned out perfectly--though the scanner didn't do justice to the smooth look of the painting in real life.

Have a wonderful weekend friends--Ah, isn't summer marvelous? 


Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Her skin tones look beautiful! I love her hair and her fishy friends too!

minnemie said...

Wow, the layering of those rocks are incredible! And her hair too...LOVE her hair. Would love some of it one my own head:-) Btw, I'm so with you on the no shoes thing - I'm a barefooter myself:-)