Sunday, March 4, 2012

Watching Over You

I thought it was about time to put up another Cloud painting.  I know this is one I've shared before, but there's a reason I'm putting it up again.

I just received a phone call from someone I've never met, who's seen my artwork down at the Starduster Diner located at our little airport.  He wants to buy it right off the wall!  I feel so astonished.

But perhaps not.  I know there are angels watching over the pilots as they fly.  If I were a pilot, I'd want this hanging on my wall, too. 

My first rendition of this piece did not have the angel.   I had sent a small copy to one of our friends, who's little granddaughter saw it sitting on her piano.  The tiny girl was excited to point out the angel protecting the airplane.  As you can see in the original photo, there IS an angel there.  But it took a little child to see it!


Tina´s PicStory said...

really marvelous beth! :)

Al said...

Congratulations, you're going to be a famous artist! I do like this one a lot, it's a great cloud painting.

tera said...

I so love your cloud angels! :)
Have a lovely and charming weekend!

anke-art said...

This is beautiful. I think I've never seen a cloud painting before, and I must say this is really stunning.
I just hopped over from your crunchy hearts blog, and I'm glad I did :)