Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FATuesday Artist Spotlight #29

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I had the privilege of meeting Susan Bourdet in person at a local art show.  What a delightful lady she is!  I have the blessing of owning one of her excellent books on watercolour technique, personally signed by this wonderful artist. 

You can see Susan's love for gardening in the pictures she paints.  She plants her yard with favorite flowers and has created a pond and waterfall to attract local wildlife.  She is a natural born teacher who enjoys sharing her unique methods and insights with other artists and nature lovers in watercolour workshops and seminars.  I am personally inspired by her watercolour paintings.

She writes, "Raised in a family that loved the outdoors, I have always sought wild places, feeling that nature is central to my way of life. No piece of my art has ever seemed complete to me without an element that could fly or dart from the page. I moved with my family to Oregon in 1974, where I discovered watercolor. I specialize in this temperamental medium because I enjoy contrasting soft-edged, luminous background areas with delicately detailed birds and animals. My paintings don't attempt to duplicate what I see in nature, but rather to capture a fragment of the wildness and beauty we could so easily destroy."

To see more of Susan's amazing artwork visit Susan Bourdet Art.

I was delighted when I found this dreamy Celtic Crown.  The artist, who's name I have yet to learn, has some brilliantly creative ideas.  Her whimsical handmade hats and wearable art clothing, made from vintage, upcycled and recycled fabric, are unique.  Her exquisite woodland faery crowns and circlets, inspired by nature, are truly beautiful to behold.

The Artist writes, "I love vintage! Vintage clothing, vintage patterns, vintage linens, doilies, sheets, and buttons. I love to upcycle these treasures into fun one-of-a-kind hats... I find great joy in giving unwanted materials a new life and purpose."  Don't you just love that word, Upcycle?! 

Happily, you can view and purchase these lovely items at Green Trunk Designs.  

I found Terry Isaac's art through some artist friends on Facebook.  What a talented, amazing artist he is!  I was especially taken with the charming detail in his work.  I am inspired by the realistic feel this strikingly talented artist gives to his paintings.  One could almost step through the picture into the scene.  He says when it is time to leave this world, he wishes to do so, knowing he's left paintings which inspire others to appreciate the true wonder and beauty of the natural world.  

He writes, "I have been on a journey with my art since I can remember. As a youngster, exploring the world in my backyard was a daily adventure, always finding a new treasure to look over and study. I have never lost the intrigue of daily exploration and discovery. I look for the special, transitory and magical moments in nature that appear with the right lighting, color and atmospheric conditions. Magnificence can be found in large, dramatic landscape or a smaller and less majestic scene such as a moss covered rock. ...I draw my inspiration from observing nature, always on the look out for 'magical moments'.  ...I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do something I have such a passion and love for."

To see more of Terry Isaacs incredible artwork, visit Terry Isaac, Wildlife Artist.

I first discovered the whimsical world of Carmen Ellis through some of my artist buddies on Facebook.  This astonishingly versatile artist makes me laugh.  Her unconventional humor inspires me.  

She writes, "Once upon a time in a land not so far away, as close as your backyard some people say,  lives a little group of creatures you might call scary. Some are small, some may bite, some are tall and a terrible fright!  You will even find a little creature of the night but if you catch a glimpse DO NOT FOLLOW...  For these are the spooks of Spooky Hollow!~"  Sounds like fun to me!

To see more of Carmen Ellis' charming artwork, visit Spooky Hollow Folk Art.   Happily, you can purchase her art at Spooky Hollow's Shop.  
William Phillips is an artist I've only recently discovered.  What an inspiring artist he is.  In 1975 this remarkable Oregon artist painted his first nostalgic piece, a painting of an old car with a rumble seat crossing a wooden bridge.  Since then he has graced the art world with many incredible paintings, including his newest piece above entitled Engaging the Enemy. An intriguing fact I love, is that in his paintings one can usually find an aircraft of the same time period.  This is "a friendly little nod to his other love, aviation."

His web page at Artifacts Gallery describes his fascination with airplanes.  "Phillips’ love of flight led him into the Air Force. He was stationed at a number of bases, including Tan Son Nhut, where he spent many afternoons sketching the various aircraft on the base and the beautiful clouds that gathered daily during the monsoon season. After discharge Phillips attended Southern Oregon University, majoring in law while living and working at a fire station as a student firefighter. He worked for the City of Ashland, Oregon, as a city firefighter for twelve years, then spent another four years as a wildland firefighter, continuing to hone his painting skills all the while."

To see more of Phillips' wonderful artwork, visit William Phillips at Artifacts Gallery.

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Green Trunk Designs said...

Thank you so much for including one of my woodland crowns in the FATuesday Artist Spotlight! Your blog is so lovely. It was such a pleasant surprise to find one out one of my items had been included.
Smiles, Jaya

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth!
I miss you too.. I see the lovely artists you have posted here .. Love every one of them!
We had an Estate Sale last Wknd.. and preparing for it took so much time, now packing for a rummage sale in a few wks. We are heading south with our family too for one wk.
I will keep in touch and let you know what has transpired!
Hope you are in good health and happy.. HI to Clytie to!
Hugs, Darlene

Tammie said...

Hello Beth,
Thank you for sharing this wonderful art!

Julia Christie said...

What a great assortment this week! I am so taken with the celtic headpiece in particular! Amazing work!

Hope you are having a great week and thank you for spotlighting so much great talent each week!


aimee said...

wow! the horse painting looked so realistic -- at first I thought it was a photograph!

Grannie Annie said...

Great art all Sissy Bea but I'm in love with that celtic crown so lovely it would look great on a bride.

I just hopped by to wish you a wonderful Easter weekend...Love you.