Tuesday, April 5, 2011

FATuesday Artist Spotlight # 28

I created Featured Art Tuesday Artist Spotlight, to showcase inspiring Artists and to provide a forum for all Artists to share their work with one another--this includes every type of medium, photography and crafts, including writing and poetry.
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I have had a fascination with all things Australian since I learned about that amazing country, way back in  third grade. (I won't tell you how long ago that was...)  I only recently discovered the extraordinary work of Australian wildlife watercolourist Matteo Grilli.  His work is beautifully detailed, his execution of his subjects masterful. His brush magically brings the Australian Bush country to life.

Of his blog Matteo writes, “This place gathers the results of my wanderings into the Australian bush, wetlands, beaches, parks and gardens that abound in the greater Brisbane area plus other places as well. I hope to be able to forward to you the sense of wonder and discovery I experienced.”

To see more of Matteo Grilli’s fabulous artwork, visit Matteo Grilli Wildlife Art: Watercolours from the Australian Bush.

I first met gentle, talented Tera through her digital art blog Olive Hue Designs.  I even have one of her wonderful pieces on my wall!  Happily, this lovely artist has found a new outlet.  She creates incredibly elegant digital backgrounds--and they are FREE!   

Of herself, Tera writes, “...Just a crazy crow girl who dreams in digital...and likes sparkly things.” 

You can find Tera's fabulous digital background artwork at Old Crow Backgrounds.  

I have featured the art of Valerie Greeley in the not so distant past after I found her through some artist friends on Facebook.  The funny thing is I’ve not only loved her artwork when I was young--but I’ve been a follower of her blog, Acornmoon, for a long time now.  I just didn’t put it together.  This sweet lady is not only a gifted artist, but a wonderful photographer and writer.

After a series of life-changing events, Valerie wisely writes, “Life is slowly getting back to normal, or should I say a new normality?   Things will never be the same, life changes and moves on and as with all crossroads there are possibilities and opportunities, a new chapter in all our lives.”

I’ve wanted to see the books she speaks of and here is an exquisite sample.  Valerie writes, “At the weekend I also found time to do more bookbinding and made two sewn books in the Japanese style using beautiful Japanese papers. The inner pages folded at the foredge and the spine stitched with silk. I learnt this method of making books with Kathy Abbott, designer bookbinder extraordinaire.  Inspiration abounds.”

To see more of Valerie’s multi-faceted talents, visit Acornmoon

I first met Penny when she came by my blog,  Angel Stories.  When I visited her lovely blog, I was captured by the beauty of her artwork. She is an incredible artist.  I especially loved her little angels.  But I was also captivated by the painting featured above.

Of this lovely piece, Penny writes, “Watching all the birds outside has inspired me to attempt a set of Love birds.. I changed the background several times before I was satisfied... I hope you enjoy viewing.”

To see more of Penny’s whimsical artwork and sculpture, visit Angel’s Door.  There is a wonderful parade of her artwork at the bottom of her blog--don’t miss it!

I found Byron O’Neal’s photography quite by accident.  I was mesmerized by this unearthly photo of a sunrise reflected in the crusty waters of a salt flat located in Death Valley National Park. 

Byron reveals this marvelous piece is for sale!  He writes, “This unlimited edition image is printed on Velvet Rag 315g paper and has an image footprint of 13"h x 19"w and comes matted, ready to put into a 18" x 24" frame. Available at a discount price in conjunction with my print of the month program in April 2011 only."

To see more of this photographer’s incredible repertoire of photos, visit  Byron O’Neal Photography
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Clytie said...

Wow, another group of AMAZING artists to visit! I'm so glad you have this meme! I love visiting these artists, and falling in love with their work.

Tammie Lee said...

so much beauty and talent. Some of these artists I have seen and others are new to me. All wonderful to find. Thank you dear Beth!

tera said...

Oooooooh. I love Valerie's little fox, and Matteo's work is amazing.
Thanks again for sharing such wonderful artists - and for including me! Aw, shucks. :)

Matteo Grilli said...

Hi Beth! Thank you so much for sharing my blog, I also added your link to mine,,
Best regards

Megan Coyle said...

ah, another very inspiring Tuesday :)

Byron O'Neal said...

Thanks so much for including me in the Artist Spotlight and for promoting a positive community of artists.

Byron O'Neal

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Beth
Thank you so much for featuring my work along side these amazing artists. I have visited them all. There are so many beautiful artists out there. Theresa's work has captured my heart for some time.. I now have, thank's to you, found several other artists that inspire and delight me.
Blessings dear friend

Cher said...

Great artwork!

Nice to ‘meet’ you!
Stopping by from the Ultimate Blog Party 2011!
Hope you’ll visit my party: http://momandmore.com/2011/04/2011-ultimate-blog-party-welcome-to-mom-and-more.html

WildIrishRose33 said...

Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by both blogs. :-) I really appreciate the comments (and compliments) on both. :-) Have a beautiful week!

ruthie said...

Hi Beth, at last i have some breathing space & can start catching up. Lovely to drop by and read up on some of the wonderful artists you feature here, especially happy to see Valeries work as i do love her style,so detailed, so much to see, each piece is a real journey of discovery, clever lady. Thanks for the into to Matteo Grilli, wonderful!

acornmoon said...

Sorry to have taken so long to comment on this post, I did visit earlier and thought I had done so.

Thank you dear Beth for including my work and for introducing me to some amazing artists. x