Friday, April 2, 2010

Rainbow Blessings

I've always loved rainbows. In fact, I've seen a rainbow just about anytime something amazing is about to happen in my life.

My favorite rainbow story is told by my sister Clytie. A tremendous storm had swept over the sea. Clytie, adventurous soul that she is, went for a long walk along the storm-tossed ocean. Suddenly sunlight burst through the clouds and a vivid rainbow appeared. To Clytie's great astonishment, the rainbow stretched from the skies above, reflected down upon the rain-streaming beach, flowing to touch the tips of her shoes, then flung back up to the skies creating a huge circle of brilliant color. Someday I shall draw the wonderful word picture she painted.

But there is more to the story of the rainbow. The very first rainbow appeared when Noah and his family came out of the great ark. The world as they knew it was destroyed. Their lives would never be the same. Yet they still gave thanks to God for keeping them safe. In response, God promised them He would never flood the earth again. And as a token of His promise, He set a rainbow in the skies.

So every time I see a rainbow, brilliant with color and promise, I remember the blessing of the rainbow. God always keeps His promises.


Clytie said...

I've always loved this rainbow picture you have created. Astoundingly vivid and beautiful!

And yes, I am still waiting for that picture you're going to paint for me of my rainbow!!! ((hugs)) :=}

Grannie Annie said...

I love rainbows too...but rainbows with an angel its awesome.
I hope you don't get blow away up there we had our horrible wind on Monday & Tuesday...No fun!
Have a fantasic Friday. Love you.

Lois said...

Yes he does! This is so beautiful Beth. The colors are stunning.

Nina P. said...

Amen. May God's rainbow of Promise touch your soul today and always. Have a Blessed Easter. As always dear soul, your paintings uplift my spirit and send it soaring. Love and Light, Nina P