Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Cat Came Back

Have you ever watched the old cartoon called The Cat Came Back? I don't know why I associate that vintage animation with this particular cloud painting. The cartoon is hilarious, and has a tune which can rapidly become a brainworm. I'm humming it as I write this. Tch tch tch...The story is about a very bad kitty who keeps coming back to bother the main character.

At any rate, this kitty cloud seems to be totally amused by something he's watching. I wonder what it is???

Above you see the cat who came back, as I first saw him!


Clytie said...

Ach, don't get me started! What a wonderful picture, sissie! I love love love it!

~Cheryl said...

What a sophisticated kitty! Wonderful!

Lois said...

I am vaguely remembering it and the song :) What a cute cloud kitty!