Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Snuggle

There is something so illusive about birds. They can look so fat and soft--one wants to hold them in hand. But in real life such things do not happen except by chance.

Like the day I was summoned by two shrieking parents to rescue their fledgling from the cats. Or the day I found a tiny bird trembling under the dining room table after he'd escaped his foe. He didn't seem to mind when I crawled under the table to gently lift him from the floor. He seemed comforted.

In the open air, he sat for a moment. Looked up at me. And flew away--up and out of my fingers.


Clytie said...

When you have helped to rescue a bird ... well there is no other feeling that describes it except -- it's like holding a miracle.

Beautiful picture, sissie.

Anonymous said...

Just so you will know, Normal Rockwell and I were friends. We were in contact while he was alive. He helped me. I hope I helped him but don't think so. LOL

Your illustration is very nice. If I were making it for a magazine or book I would work on making the bird tone or line weight the darkest and everything else lighter so the effect it looks faded away and the emphasis is on the bird in the nest and not on the spruce tree.

You can do this with Pigma Micron pens. About a dollar each or was the last time I bought them. I looked and still hace a triple 1 and other fine lined ones. That is one of the first things I learned was line weight on illustrations.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely and most interesting post.. and to have Abe Lincoln post is awesome!

Great job.. we are all so unique and that is what makes up the grand tour of looking at eachothers art work.
Come to my blog and sign up for the winning print.
Hugs, Darlene xo

Lois said...

Oh Beth, this just warms my heart! It's so adorable.

Catherine said...

How precious! Thanks for the snuggle :)