Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lifted Up

There have been many anxious, dark days over the past few years. What sustains me is the love that flows through our family. We may have differences and difficulties, but in the end, love wins. There is always hope. The cloud painting above echoes that eternal hope--lifted up.

Below you see this hope as I first saw her.

Daddy Update: Monday I took Dad and Mom to see the wound specialist. She was so excited to see the progress of Dad's wound. By the time we see her in November, the skin will have covered the wound completely. Please continue to pray for healing for Dad's broken neck. If it is not healed by early spring, they will be discussing surgery. It is a VERY risky surgery. I have seen one miracle, let's pray for another. Thank you so much for your good thoughts and prayers! You have been a part of our family's miracle!!!
Our work day went very well. Yesterday after our trip to the VA, I was out to help finish clearing the rest of the debris. It looks so beautiful out there now.


Looking to the Stars said...

Love the cloud painting. Glad to hear your dad is doing good, how is your mom holding up?

as always you are in our thoughts and prayers :)

Clytie said...

She is gorgeous ... lifted up indeed. I really love your cloud paintings, and the way you show the originals so we can see what we missed when we looked at the same cloud!

~Cheryl said...

This is a seriously beautiful painting.... very uplifting & hope giving. It fills every corner of my heart with love. Sending up prayers for your dad!

Sunny said...

Every time I think I've seen my favorite cloud painting, you go one better. This is truly amazing, it's uplifting to look at.
Continued prayers for your Dad.
Sunny :)

whymsicalmusings said...

First Beth I so love the cloud painting what a beauty she is.

I am so glad your father is doing better I am keeping you and yours in my prayers. Miracles happen every day that is such a beautiful thing:)

Catherine said...

She is beautiful. You are right - there is always hope. Very uplifting.
You all remain in my thoughts and prayers...

Tammie Lee said...

your lovely spirit shines in your art. For you to see the spirits you see in clouds and life and to uphold the presence of love is precious. You are an inspiration.

I will hold your father in the heart of hearts.

acornmoon said...

Hi Beth, your optimism shines through your work and spreads out to your readers. I hope all goes well with your dad.

Thanks for visiting my blog, how scary for you and your dog! Lucky you to find the quilt, did you keep it?

Shadow in the Moonlight said...

Wow, this is the first time I've heard of cloud painting and it looks wonderful. Even your sketches are great... wish I had some real talent too. Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog, and I did see August Rush... the movie was really something.