Friday, September 25, 2009

Angel Over Mt. Angel

For past 13 years my family and I have been a part of Oktoberfest celebrations in the lovely little town of Mt. Angel, Oregon. Last weekend was the first time I've missed in all that time.

Our "adopted" brother Prentice owns a local coffee shop located near the Glockenspiel. Monday after Oktoberfest is his favorite time--this is when he offers free coffee and cinnamon rolls to everyone working to clean up the town. And those folks work HARD! After over 100,000 people come through town, there is a LOT to clean up.

Monday my husband and I went over to share in the fun. We had a wonderful time. It made up for missing Oktoberfest this year. I was also able to spend some time drawing and singing karaoke music! But best of all, I caught this angel floating over the Glockenspiel.

Below you can see the Angel over Mt. Angel as I first saw her.

Daddy Update: Saturday we tear down the rotten addition to my parents' home. Please pray we get more done than we'd ever think--and for safety for the volunteers who will be there to help.
Updated Update: We had to re-schedule tomorrow's demo-day. It will be in a couple of weeks. I'll let you all know when, so you can be sending out your good thoughts, and your strong prayers. Alan and I and a few others will do what we can tomorrow--so pray for our safety as we work.


Lydia said...

Just beautiful, Beth. Again, I believe you are blessed to see these angels.
Since I live only four miles away from Mt. Angel, I must stop in and have a cuppa from your brother's shop one day!

Margo said...

how beautiful! I hope you get lots done this weekend... I have a feeling you will! :)

Looking to the Stars said...

What a neat name for a town!
As always I love the pic!
I have never been to Oregon but from what you and Lydia have shared about your towns, it sounds delightful.
Sorry you missed the festival but what a sweetie you are to help your brother.
As always we will keep postive thoughts and prayers your way :)

Deann said...

I love your angel clouds. I think it is one of the blessings of life to be able to readily see what we seek. If you go into the world seeking love and goodness you will find it, and if you do it long enough it will find you. It works the same for angels and hearts and dear departed kin.

Mt. Angel sounds wonderful I hope I get to see it some day. That and Paradise and Star Valley Wyoming, heavenly names all.

Take care Sissy Bee and have a safe and productive weekend, good luck with everything.

~Cheryl said...

Wonderful! Simply wonderful

Catherine said...

Such a beautiful angel, watching over you all.

Nina said...

You are so Blessed with your cloud visions. I love the name of the town and what a capture you've made. Seeing the Angel watching and guiding all the helping souls that day. You are an earth Angel yourself, shining your Light on all those you meet. I'm your Prentice love's seeing everyone and lending a helping hand himself through his generosity.

Have a safe and productive weekend. Blessings to you and yours. Love and Light, Nina P

Clytie said...

I'm so glad you got to spend some time with Prentice et al. They love you guys so much.

Beautiful clock ... beautiful angel.

Mescrap said...

YES !! It's really look like an angel !