Friday, February 6, 2009

Swamp Thing

This is a REAL departure from the norm for me. I rarely draw frightful things.
The story behind this, er, swamp monster, starts with the awesome talent of my sister, Clytie. She has a wonderful blogsite, by the way--you can check her imaginative writing and photography at
Last week she sent the most amazing picture of a tree in the form of a man's face. The tree is located in the forests of my childhood. It is such an incredible photo, I gasped when I first saw it.
However, what you see here is the lower lip and chin of the tree, along with what I am sure must be the "Swamp Thing" of my childhood nightmares.
Judge what you see here for yourself...I'm convinced! (I think it's coming to get me!)

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Smart Mouth Broad said...

I'm pulling the covers back up over my head!