Friday, March 27, 2020

Tear Falls -Paint Party Friday

It has been a week or so, since the "stay in place" order has been in effect.  There's no traffic in the streets--no rush hour to speak of.  Nothing is open in this little town I love.  I hope the small businesses here will be able to survive.  The joy I have is that my own precious Mumsie has been with me for two weeks now--she can't go home for a bit, until the rules are relaxed a little.  She misses her place a LOT.

I also had to cancel our Lady's Retreat last weekend.  But there IS a silver lining.  With a only few small changes, we'll be all ready for next year.

Ah, well...  Here is a fairy in front of "Tear Falls."   Perhaps thing will be better soon.

Happy Paint Party Friday, sweet Friends.  Stay safe and have a great weekend!

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