Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day has so many beautiful and poignant memories for me. When I was a little girl, Dad would bring home fancy heart boxes filled with candy.  I treasured the boxes more than the sweets.  I still have every one of them in my keepsakes, though a bit battered for wear.

Today I am sending flowers to my precious Mumsie.  I know she misses Daddy more than any of us can fathom.  Dad always made a BIG deal of this holiday because he loved my Mom so much.

I remember when I was single, Valentine's Day felt lonely.  In my loneliness, I found myself looking to the Creator for comfort.  When I turned to Him, I was surrounded by God's laughter and lovingkindness.  "Just wait," I seemed to hear Him say.  "I have a special someone just waiting to find you."

And it was true.  I have a dear and fine husband--sent to me by the Creator, Himself.  So...don't give up hope.  And if you have lost the one you love, enfold yourself in the loving arms of Him who made you.  He loves you more than you know.

Happy Valentine's Day dear Friends.  

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Deann said...

I'm so glad you have a sweet husband Beth...I lucked out too. I love the decorative elements you include in your pictures they are so elegant and lovely...this is a beautiful piece.