Tuesday, January 24, 2012

FATuesday Artist Spotlight #60

Note:  I apologize for being gone for so long.  Just after Christmas, my external hard drive suffered a fall and would not work.  I still don't know if years of photography can be rescued.  Though I didn't lose everything -- I had some things backed up -- I was grief-stricken.  I admit that I lost heart for awhile.  But I'm back!  This week's featured artists have been particularly inspiring to my heart.

I created Featured Art Tuesday Artist Spotlight, a showcase of inspiring Artists, as a forum for all Artists to share their work with one another -- this includes every type of medium, sculpture, cooking, beading, watercolour, restoring vintage cars, pen and ink, oils, gardening, interior decorating, photography and crafts, including drama, writing and poetry. 
The list goes on and on.

Each one of us is creative in one way, or another -- FATuesday Artist Spotlight celebrates that creativity. 
To join us for FATuesday, 
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I only recently found Sherry Dole’s art and was immeasurably charmed.  I was so inspired by her eclectic use of color and the graceful, playful faces of her subjects.  What lovely artwork. I imagine it would be a wonderous, fanciful journey to view the world through Sherry’s eyes!  I look forward to getting better acquainted with this gifted artist.

Sherry writes, “I absolutely Looooove animals and nature so I donate a portion of my sales to various animal shelters and welfare groups.  I have two gorgeous dogs, a Pit Bull who I adopted as a Hurricane Katrina survivor and a sort of red Golden Retriever who was adopted from a local shelter. I have four cats, all rescues, who frequently model for me., altho not always willingly.”

To see more of Sherry’s eye-filling art, visit Sherry Dole. You can also find her work through Artist Websites, at Sherry Dole Fine Artist.  Sherry can also be found on facebook at Sherry Dole and happily, you can purchase Sherry's art from her Etsy Shop at Sherry Dole Art.

Not only is Emille an incredibly talented artist, but she is a wonderful photographer and writer.  I have enjoyed her blog immensely.  Her photos and insights are inspiring, humorous and thoughtful.  She is a lovely inspiration.

 Emille writes, “After a busy life as a therapist, I love the simplified one of an artist. Working in oil, pastel, and watercolor. Always open to new experiments. Life is full of new opportunities.”

To see more of this skillful artist’s work, visit Artistique.

Having lost our own little Bootz a year ago, I was deeply touched by the artwork of Crystal Shannon.  The animals she draws almost seem to move.  She has captured the personality of these beloved pets in a way which seems almost magical.  I am so moved and inspired by this amazing artist. 

Crystal writes, “For over 25 years I have been a student of art.  And I will always be a student as I am continually learning and polishing my skills as an artist.  I have always been inspired by the beauty of nature and wildlife.  I have always really loved animals, and that is another inspiration of mine, and why I love doing pet portraits so much.”

To see more of this astonishing artist's work visit her at Crystal Shannon

I have been a follower of Photings for several years.  It seems whenever something tremendous happens in my life--happy or sad--this artist ministers to my soul.  Thank you, Friend--you have filled my eyes and my heart.

This shy and sensitive artist only says, “Photings are jottings on photos.”  Thank you dear Magic Eye, for sharing with us!

To see more of this thoughtful artist's work, visit Photings.

Carolyn’s blog has the most wonderful photography.  Her pictures have an enchanting magic about them.  She has an unusual way of framing each of her subjects which holds the eye.  I also enjoyed reading her accompanying comments.  Her writing is both humorous and thoughtful. 

Carolyn writes,  “I live in a cabin in the forests of Pennsylvania. I write about what I see and do in the natural world around me. I've been a hawkwatcher for more than 20 years, a birder for longer than that, and a crayfish-catcher since I was a polywog.”

To see more of this artist’s awe-inspiring work, visit Carolyn H., at Round Top Ruminations.  

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Emille said...

Beth, thank you for featuring me and the encouragement you have given me, because you didn't know I have started writing (a book)!
So sorry about your hard drive -I know the feeling,even though it is only one year of photos I lost. Wishing you an avalanche of new pics this year!

Tina´s PicStory said...

nice pics :) have a great week ♥

Carolyn H said...

Beth: Thanks so much for featuring me and my blog. I really appreciate it. Of course, you did pick one of my better photos. Not all are that good (unfortunately)!

Clytie said...

I'm with Emille in wishing you an avalanche of new pictures this year - even better and more prolifically than those in the past! As you know I've lost mine 3 separate times now ... and I did lose heart for a while afterwards. But the joy came back. After all, our inner artists can be squashed for a time, but they can't be stilled forever!!!

Thank you for featuring so many amazing artists - I look forward to FATuesday each week, I have missed it when you were gone!!!

Al said...

I'm sorry about your hard drive crash - maybe a recovery service can help you? Unfortunately they're not cheap.

magiceye said...

Hope you can recover most of what you have lost!

Thank you for giving me the pleasure of being included here!

Sherry Dole said...

Hi Beth, my new friend, I truly appreciate your featuring my artwork on your wonderful blog! Thank you so very much! PS I love your etsy shop!

Gay McKinnon said...

Thank you, Beth, for continuing to post these lovely discoveries ... I really enjoyed these ones. I do hope the contents of your hard drive can be salvaged. You've reminded me, I must back mine up! But perhaps it can be an inspiration to go out and create more work. Happy 2012.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth!
So nice to check in with you.
I have been busy with Mom.
I don't know if you have heard. YOu can go to my blog and read about it.
I miss you!
It is amazing how many people you continue to encourage even though youve had your problems with pc.
It is horrific when that happens. I lost so much too. I picked up two major viruses on (my pc) which ate up over 5,000 pictures of ours. I was sick. I picked them up on Facebook. Our technician explained to us how it happened.
It is horrible. I am off fb now. I have so much more time to enjoy real life! lol..♥ Hugs, Darlene