Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FATuesday Artist Spotlight #58

I created Featured Art Tuesday Artist Spotlight, to showcase inspiring Artists and to provide a forum for all Artists to share their work with one another -- this includes every type of medium, sculpture, cooking, beading, watercolour, restoring vintage cars, pen and ink, oils, gardening, interior decorating, photography and crafts, including drama, writing and poetry. 
The list goes on and on.

Each one of us is creative in one way, or another -- FATuesday Artist Spotlight celebrates the creativity found in every person. 
To join us for FATuesday, link up at the bottom of the page. 

Because of the holiday and our travels through the end of the month, I will be featuring only one artist on FATuesday until the new year.  Then it's back to the usual!

This week’s featured artist is Drusilla Kehl.  What a surprise to receive this unusual beautifully painted Christmas card in the mail.  When I opened the envelope, I laughed.  Then, looking at my husband’s face as HE looked at the card, I giggled some more.

I love domesticated rats.  The nicest rat I ever knew was Mr. BW, a rat who came to live with us one summer after spending an entire year with the third grade.  He lived to a ripe old age.  He was a dear little fellow.  I will always miss him.  When you visit Drusilla and view her art, you will guess she also loves rats!  .

This gifted artist's whimsical nature shows in the exquisite painting above.

Drusilla loves all animals.  Her drawings them are beautifully crafted and a delight to the eyes.

I adore Drusilla's pet portraits.  As you can see by her gorgeous portrait of Napoleon the Cat, her brush captures the very essence and personality of her furry subjects.

You can find more of Drusilla's artwork at The Illustrated Rat.  She can also be found on facebook at Drusilla Kehl.  Happily, you can purchase items illustrated with her work at her Zazzle Shop, Drusilla and through The Illustrated Rat Store.

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Clytie said...

I love rats too! They really are loving and gentle creatures ... at least the tame ones! I don't so much love the wild ones.

The rat kissing Santa made me giggle too! It's marvelous - what a gifted artist she is!!!

Tammie Lee said...

lovely to meet your artists friends. you are so generous to share like this!

Greg Sykora said...

I love all the animals in your art!!

Megan Coyle said...

It's always fun perusing your artist spotlights :) lovely picks!

Grannie Annie said...

Love you Sissy Bea...Merry Christmas.