Tuesday, August 23, 2011

FATuesday Artist Spotlight #45

I created Featured Art Tuesday Artist Spotlight, to showcase inspiring Artists and to provide a forum for all Artists to share their work with one another -- this includes every type of medium, sculpture, beading, watercolour, restoring vintage cars, pen and ink, oils, gardening, interior decorating, photography and crafts, including writing and poetry. The list goes on and on. 
Each one of us is creative in one way, or another -- FATuesday Artist Spotlight celebrates the creativity found in every person.
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I hope you will join in the fun!

I have known Darlene Pringle for several years.  In fact, when we first got acquainted I won a print of the drawing you see above.  Her work hangs in my office where it fills my eyes every day.  What a privilege to share this genuinely beautiful lady’s life.  She is one of the most effervescent people I’ve had the honor to know! 

As you can see from the wonderful clay doll above, Darlene is a versitile artist.  She is a self taught mixed media artist who works with a huge array of artistic mediums.  This sweet woman is a musician who loves piano, theatre, antiques and floral gardening. She is also a writer/Contributor for Christian Spotlight, an International Movie Review site. 

Darlene writes, "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me Lord.'"  

To see more of Darlene's fabulous work, visit her blog, A Dancing Mango, Where Magic of the the Past Lives.  

I met Robin years ago, at a lady's retreat where she was the speaker and we were the drama entertainment.  I received one of her books and have been a big fan ever since.  My teenage daughters loved her books as much as I did. 

It is no surprise Robin got her start as a writer when the teens at her church challenged her to write stories for them. This wonderful storyteller hadn’t thought much about being a writer, but took their request to heart and set an alarm for 3 a.m., three days a week. With two small children it was the only time she could find to write. After many rejections, Robin's book was sold and she hasn’t stopped writing since. Over four million copies of her 75 books have sold and can be found in a dozen translations all over the world.  It is a GREAT honor to know this wonderful artist.

Robin writes of her own dear daughter’s recent wedding, “Over the years I’ve written some dreamy romance moments for young couples but I could never write this. How do you describe the mesmerizing beauty of innocence? How do you catch so much happiness like fireflies in a jar and carry the glow with you always in your heart?  Sigh. So much happiness."   Having a Mom who's a writer can be really fun, I see! 

You can buy Robin’s books at Robin Jones Gunn Online Shop.  To peruse her fascinating newsletter, visit Robin’s Nest

I have followed Henny Netjes fascinating blog for several years now.  As you can see from the picture above, her photography is breathtaking.

She is also a wonderful artist.  Henny’s charmingly thoughtful artwork is extraordinary.  I believe she should be writing and illustrating children's books.

Henny writes,  I draw and make pictures about sense and seemingly non-sense. about beauty around, yet in hurry life and all important else, forget to look & see. About God's glimpse shining through. Just around the corner in 'everyday-normal-life' hardly noticing, until looking back I see!.............. 'GIVE MY EYES WINGS'=IWINGS.'"  

To see more of this tremendously gifted artist’s photography and art, visit IWings.

I have known Becky Loyall through her blog for several years now.  She has been working on some altered books for her sweet granddaughters' upcoming birthdays.  It has been such a delight to follow the progress of the marvelous altered books she is crafting for her beloved grandbabies--a Faerie Dog Book and a Faerie Cat Book.  I have enjoyed watching each charming page as it is added to the whole!

Becky writes, “I am a Mixed Media Artist sharing my joy of the things that bring happiness into my life. Sometimes the things I like are a bit silly but I like to laugh and so I hope you will be able to laugh along with me…” 

To join in on the fun of Becky’s most recent projects, visit Whymsical Musings.  

Sorrow and Joy 

A fairy sits alone and cries,  
Tears streaming down from both her eyes.  
Why is her heart so very sad?  
What will make her soul turn glad? 
Seeing the one she loves and misses,

Covering that one with all her kisses;  
When she has her loved one near

And holds the one she loves so dear, 
Her eyes will sparkle and her smile return

When the one for whom her heart did yearn 
Shines on her like the sun above 
And wraps her in the warmth of sweet fairy love.
©2011 Randi Kuhne, My Fairy Poems. All rights reserved. 

Searching the internet for some of today’s talented poets, I found the whimsical faery poetry of Randi Kuhne.  Her word pictures inspire ideas for drawings in my mind--she uses words to paint beautiful pictures of faeries and their magical world.  Randi also loves photography and music and is working on a book of illustrated fairy poems.

Randi writes, “I've written poems since grade school and began to focus on fairies several years ago. I'm a lazy/workaholic affiliate marketer...Eventually I will illustrate some of my fairy poems and sell them online.”  She says of herself, “And there you have it, me in a nutshell.  Emphasis on nut.”  What a delightful lady!  I will be one of the first in line, to purchase her fairy poetry book when it comes available.

To read more of this lovely poet’s beautifully worded poetry, visit My Fairy Poems.  (Painting by artist Sophie Anderson)

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whymsicalmusings said...

Oh my goodness Beth I am in such amazing company. Thank you for feTuring me. Sending you big big hugs!

Anonymous said...

I can not "thank you" enough for featuring me. My eyes fill with happy tears as my heart is filled with gratitude for your kindness and lovely comments. YOU my friend are the one who is amazing.. and so talented and ever so generous and giving.
I thank God we are friends...
Thank you once again.. a big smile on my face..........

Zaa said...

Thanks for all the interesting info...I know some of these people so it's nice to get alittle more insight with this posting... Lovely and enriching idea for the artistic community. I'll be back !!!Hugs

rebeca trevino said...

Beth, you generously continue to provide insight into so many terrific artists and their work. Thank you for FATuesday, I look forward to it every tuesday or thursday (sometimes i'm late).


Clytie said...

Oh sissie, another week of AMAZING talent! Several of your featured artists are familiar to me, several are not. I can't wait to go visit ALL of them!!!