Wednesday, March 30, 2011

FATuesday Artist Spotlight #27

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I have known Verna Faye Birch since I was in my teens.  Verna was unfailingly kind, generous and sweet to a sometimes unlovable teenager.  In those days she did not paint, though she dabbled in Photography from time to time. 

On vacation, in the summer of 1996, Verna picked up a pencil and began to draw the children she saw playing.  When she returned home she promptly signed up for a watercolor class.  Only one year later, Verna quite her job to open a full-time art studio in Sherwood, Oregon.  What an inspiring lady she is--she is one of loveliest women I've met on life's pathway. 

Verna writes, "I love art....I totally enjoy watercolor painting.....especially of children. I also like reading mysteries and spending time with my 10 grandchildren.  My heart's desire is to get to know the Lord more and more."

To see more of this very special artist's work, please visit Verna Faye Birch, artist and portraiture of memories.

Here is another of my darling Sister Clytie's wonderful ACEOs.  She makes them from just about anything--here, the remnants of a puzzle grace a heart-strewn background.  I especially love this one, because I call both of my beautiful younger sisters "Honey."  Sissy has a gift--the gift of seeing.  Clytie sees treasure and beauty where most people would not.  Then she shows us the beauty she finds. 

Clytie writes, "Each work... is made from GENUINE graffiti, trash and recycled treasures that I pick up at random."  Sissy says she's never felt like an artist until now--and what an amazing artist she is!

Please join Clytie on her "He'Art'ful journey," exploring the artist she never thought she could be.  But, of course, I've always known she was an artist, you see.  Sisters know stuff like that.   (grin)  To see more of Sissie's amazing artistic creations, visit Random He'Art'Work.

I was perusing Senerendipity, A Mother's Tale, just loving the artwork Julia Christie had posted, when I noticed a link on her sidebar for a book her daughter Britt had authored under the pen name, 'Clementine Pistachio.'   Written for junior readers, The Litch sounds like it would be a good read for people of all ages.

Julia writes a description of her daughter's book, "Susan and Abigail Gray have lived their entire lives knowing about the dilapidated old house down the street from them. Or not knowing. There are strange lights and noises at all hours of the night, and its' single inhabitant is a feared being whom the locals have dubbed "The Litch". The girls throw caution into the wind and enter the house, only to be locked into a frenzy of happenings that they can hardly understand. They must play the game..."  I want to read it, don't you?

Happily, you can purchase this book on Amazon at The Litch.

Just yesterday, a precious friend of mine took me to an art gallery in Oregon City, the Three Rivers Art Guild.  There is a wonderful used book store there, too.  As we began to peruse the  marvelous art work we found on the walls, I noticed an unfinished watercolor drying on a table.  

I had the blessing and privilege of meeting two wonderful artists.  The name of the artist working on the watercolor I so admired, was June Clapp--a sweet lady who took extra time to describe watercolor techniques and even demonstrated a few.  

To watch the picture unfold as June moves her paintbrush across the paper is magical.   I loved her watercolors so much, I purchased the above card, personally signed by the artist.  (grin)

This lovely artist writes, "I love the complete absorption in right brain thought while painting - I know I have 'two right brains...'  In my mind's eye I see her mischievous smile.

To see more of June's wonderful work, visit June Clapp Creations.

I have only recently become acquainted with Kelly Piccetti's pastels.  She has the gift of a soft touch with detail, which I find inspiring.  Her choice of color captures the eye and pleases the heart. 

She writes, "I bought Sennelier oil pastels today... I'm in love. They are so luscious it's like painting with lipstick...or creamy butter (yum). They glide across the paper leaving pure pigment behind and blend easily with a smudge stick"  I love the sounds of these words.

To see more of Kelly's spectacular pastels and photography, visit Red and the Peanut.  

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rebeca trevino said...

I enjoyed learning about Clytie's work. since i also work in 'found objects', it is only natural that i would love her work.

Al said...

I know what you mean about it feeling magical watching a painting appear under the brush of a talented artist. It's something I've never been able to do, and I do love to watch it, even just on television.

Clytie said...

I agree with Al! I love watching artists at work ... even if it's those artists on TV who do magic before my eyes with just a few strokes of paint in the right places. Wow.

I am so very honored to be included in this amazing group of artists. Thank you, sissie. I guess you saw something I never knew was there!

Love you!

Julia Christie said...

Hi Beth,
Thank you so much for posting what you could with Britt's book! I reminded her over the weekend that she needed to follow up with you, but she had her hands full watching our two toddlers while we were away for a long weekend! Sorry she never followed up with you!

This is a great mention and I will send her the link so she can come see her book! I know she will be so excited!!!

Love all the artists you featured this week, but the water colorist that does paintings of children is amazing! I just love her work!

Thanks for this great weekly spotlight - great resource!


Kelly said...

Oh my gosh....thank you sooo much for adding me! It's such an honor to be in with the other artists. What a surprise!! :-D