Saturday, November 6, 2010

Angel Gaze

I just realized I haven't shared one of my cloud paintings for a quite some time.  So here he is!

Stepping out of the supermarket with a bag load of groceries, I glanced up to see this extraordinary angel gazing at me over the tops of the pear trees.  I quickly (and gently) dropped my bag of groceries to the curb, pulled out my camera and snapped his picture to share with you.  I will probably do several more of this angel before I am done!

Above you see this gorgeous Angel Gaze as I first observed him floating by.


Sunny said...

Hi Beth,
I've missed your cloud paintings, and this is wonderful, as always :)
When I first looked, I actually saw a completely different face, made from the entire cloud. My eyes were playing tricks on me!
☼ Sunny
P.S. I spotted something in the clouds the other day, I'm posting it tomorrow.

Grannie Annie said...

I love your cloud paintings they are so ethereal.
Mom is doing great she is getting stronger and more pain free everyday.
How are you and your family doing? I hope you are over your sick spell...winter is coming you want to be well going you.

dogimo said...

Your angel has a towering feathered head-dress! I love it.

Clytie said...

So what happened to the comment I left yesterday??? It's not here!

I too have missed your cloud paintings, and am so happy to see one again!

P.S. Check out what Sunny posted today - it's great!

Megan Coyle said...

I love these - glad to see you posted another one. This angel works so well - what a clever creation.

Tammie said...

I love how you find angels everywhere!

Liara Covert said...

Your creative work invites everyone to accept and experience love in whatever forms call out. Our creative spirit is like the angel ready to be unleashed in Michelangelo's sculptures.

Angela said...

Really gorgeous Beth, love seeing your work as always!

willow said...

Beautiful. Ties in quite nicely with my post today, as well!

By the way, my word verification is "skywhi".

Garden Lily said...

Beautiful. I've missed your cloud paintings also.

Woman in a Window said...

YOu and your wonderful sweeping eye.