Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fireworx Maiden

The fireworks on the Fourth of July were the best I'd ever seen--I was able to catch a few with my camera.  I actually saw the Maiden's face just before I clicked the camera.

Above you see the Fireworx Maiden as I first glimpsed her--she seems to be smiling!


Valerie said...

Great. She was amazingly clear in the first picture, but I lost her in the second.

Lois said...

Stunning picture Beth!

Alan Burnett said...

She seems to be blowing smoke rings to me. Great picture.

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, I caught ya! lol
Online at the same time.. *S..
I love this firework show, I see a face but it is a profile..? is that it? *.. I will look once again.
My page is better now.. I had a large space between my profile pic and everything else.. you would need to scroll way way down to see anything else. I had to delete a phrase I had put up and it went back to normal.

Hugs, Darlene xo

FoundSoul said...

Wow I totally see it in the untouched photo (brought out beautifully in the second) How lovely!