Sunday, May 9, 2010

Malaya's Lessons - Happy Mother's Day!

I have been collecting fairy tale books for years--a whole shelf full of them. In particular, I've loved stories of mermaids, mermen and their families. I even found a book called The Mermaid Reader, which details the lives, stories and legends of the merpeople.

This morning, in honor of Mother's Day I am re-posting one of my favorite drawings.

Here you see a tiny mermaid learning how to swim, instructed by her lovely green and blue tressed mother. The fish is a helpful friend--bubbling encouragement to the little one as she learns to flip her fins.

Happy Mother's Day!


Sunny said...

What a sweet picture. There is nothing like a mother's love.
Happy Mother's Day!
Sunny :)

Grannie Annie said...

Love your Mermaids. Happy Mothers Day Sissy Bea. I hope you and Cea are getting together to have some fun for her birthday...give each other a hug for me...and your Mom too. Have a wonderful day. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Beth, this is a wonderful and lovely picture. I especially like the colors you chose ! kind regards, Martina

Clytie said...

What a perfect post for Mothers Day! Isn't it amazing that our sister is the mother of this adorable lovable little girl???

Happy Mothers Day!

Lois said...

What a sweet Mother's Day post!

Anonymous said...

Beth, as you can see I am trying to catch up or 'get back' to reading my fellow bloggers.
This work of art is sooo touching.. and depicts a mothers love.. beautiful.. beautiful..
hugs, Darlene xo

Tammie said...

This is so sweet and lovely Beth! Ah!

lissa said...

what a beautiful drawing, very sweet and charming

jeannette said...

That's a great drawing, Beth!...I would call it more than a drawing;)
I could see it as an illustration in a children's or fairy tale book.
Sorry, I didn't get to you before Mothers Day:(