Friday, February 3, 2017

Cats in the Forest -Paint Party Friday

Speaking of felines, my own furry little friend, Toez the Polydactyl Cat, is comfortably seated between me and my computer, her front paws resting on my forearm as I type.  I laugh, because her head bobs up and down as I press words into the keyboard.

Since I arrived home, she has been so affectionate she's embarrassing herself!  (grin)  The last time I was out of town, she wouldn't look at me, or "speak" to me for two days.  Not this time--she must have missed me, but good.

I adore cats.  This picture started out as a doodle and ended up a full-fledged picture.  I hope you enjoy this bit of lineart.

Have a beautiful day, and Happy Paint Party Friday!

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