Monday, March 30, 2009

Lady of the Mist

Whimsical memories of the Lady of the Mist come from my imaginative childhood.

I remember sometimes thick ropes of mist would visibly move through the trees of the forest next to our home. The mist would daintily coil above fields, and tiptoe through the blueberry bushes. Sometimes I thought I saw a lovely woman with soft trailing draperies wafting to and fro, in a silent elegant dance.

As an adult, my imagination is alive and well. Early summer mornings, I sometimes catch the Lady of the Mist gracefully twirling over the ripples of the river near where I live. I once watched her whisping through a grove of oak trees, murmering to a flock of sheep sheltering there.

Except for the sheep (who are huddled out of sight in the thicket) this Pen and Ink is my imaginative rendition of The Lady of the Mist softly dancing among the towering oak trees


Clytie said...

Yes, I have seen her and felt her presence! You certainly caught her beauty.

~Cheryl said...

I enlarged it just in case those wooly sheep were hidden in the tree branches instead! :)

Catherine said...

Love, love, LOVE this story and drawing... I can envision her swirling about. I'll be on the lookout... with our Pacific Northwest weather, I'll have a good chance of seeing her!