Friday, March 16, 2018

Grapes Anyone? -Paint Party Friday

I have always loved the work of Alphonse Mucha.  As you can see this latest graphite drawing was inspired by his work--though my sweet reference model is Rena.  I adore this style of artwork.  It is effortlessly graceful and full of a loveliness I can't put into words.  His artwork is like music for the eyes.  I pray my work has the same effect. 

Thank you so much for dropping by my little art blog.  Blessings, comfort and joy to all of you, dear Friends.  Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Brave Rescuer -Paint Party Friday

I have been awfully busy.  There are so many things to do regarding year-end paperwork, along with our dear friend Dan's passing last Friday, and another precious friend who is very ill in the hospital.  As you might guess, I didn't get much artwork done last week.

This drawing is from long ago, before my husband flew away to heaven.  He was my dear love, my rescuer--he would have done anything for me.  He was my hero.  Our Dan was his best buddy--both of these dear fellas were heroes to their families.

I posted this graphite drawing to honor them both.  (Though in real life, if I were that young lady, I'd have spotted the dragon and would be knocking him over the head with my baseball bat.  I never was the damsel in distress.)  (grin)

Above is the lovely reference photo for this drawing.  I could not find the page where this stock once was available, but you might find it on DA, an online art and stock site.

Thank you so much for dropping by.  Blessings, comfort and joy to all of you, dear Friends.  Happy Paint Party Friday!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Eagle's Song -Paint Party Friday

Years ago I made this cloud painting from a photo I took over the back fence.  As you can see there is an Eagle flying next to the cloud--miraculous indeed.

I am posting it tonight, in honor of Dan Becker.  He was a veteran--a beautiful eagle of a man, who was strong, loyal, sweet, and kind.  He was a dear, precious friend.

About an hour ago, Dan unexpectedly flew away to heaven.  We have known the Becker family for a little over 25 years.  He was one of Alan's best friends and was a wonderful part of all of our lives.   He was a second Daddy to my children after their Dad left us three years ago. 

Now Dan and Alan are together in heaven. 

Please pray for Dan's wife, Judy, their family, friends, and for me and my children.  We are grieving and hardly know how to get through this additional loss.  Yet, there is comfort in knowing we will see them again.  God is here, grieving with us--and we are not alone.

Blessings, comfort and joy to all of you, dear Friends.  Thank you for dropping by.